20k!!! To touch 45k -77k by 2018 !!!!

Congratulations to all the investors who were patient and are ready to be so for coming months and years !! As we said throughout the dips we will end the year on a very high note!!! Yes i still maintain the same view and had written before also we cannot close below 17k for the year when everybody was dicy ......

At 8k in Sept 2005 we gave a presentation at an annual meet of one of the brokerages !! Title Post 8000 boom or Doom .. View was sensex to touch 45k-77k by 2018 ...

For detailed presentation :


Also there are some charts showing the Triangle breakout which happened and is compared with Dow Jones and Reliance and u will very well know the reasons for our bullish view πŸ™‚

Technical View :

Sensex in near distance of the first projection of 20400 and the runaway gap today is a lil concern as similar gaps for next 2 days can create an exhaustion near 20400 and a breather would be good also .... Technically the projection on the higher side for Dec is 21000 and 22500 on the extreme projection.... Be highly stock specific and ride the trend with quite a lot of announcements by RBI and FED cut which are already factored in on the best case any deviation can bring a breather and if it comes it would be more of opportunity !!!!!

Review :

Walchandnagar Inds , Ind hume Pipe , GMDC ( yes given at 950 ) ,NESCO up 20 + 20%%% ,Texmaco up 20% ( client call though ) , GALLANT metal does 20%% freeze , RPL continues towards 250, RNRL shoots as expected ....other recommended investments watchout for moves

Some messages sent in last 2 days !! How we tend to pick up moves a day early πŸ™‚

26-Oct-2007 10:41:12

BUY RNRL for BTST and STERLITE FOR BTST tgt 104-109 and 970 . Stop 97 and 935

( DOES 111 today and 1000 for sterlite )

26-Oct-2007 11:23:03

Buy small qty yes bank at 217 and 210 fwith a stop of 206 tgt 230 -245

26-Oct-2007 13:40:22

Long term investment call TEXMACO accumulate like gulf oil , NESCO ...these are slow gainers

( NESCO hit freeeze yesterday and again today , TEXMACO did 20 %today ....Slow gainers just spurted like nething ... )

29-Oct-2007 09:51:12

RNRL watchout for 100-104 range and closes above it investors who exitted can re enter and fresh moves expected

( morning alert for RNRL before mkt hours πŸ™‚

29-Oct-2007 10:45:40

MTNL buy for BTST above 186.5 stop of 183 tgt 194

( did 193 in the day will book today )

29-Oct-2007 10:50:42

TTML buy at 44-44.6 stop of 43 tgt 47 -49 for extreme short term ..UNITECH raise stop to 361

( CALL given in the morning at 44.5 does 48 in the day today will see 49-50 to book πŸ™‚

Some more messages also ...Stop hit in Ivrcl ,and other old calls updates πŸ™‚

Stocks to watchout for :

Day Traders picks :

Jindal Saw , Petron Engg , Texmaco , GIC housing for intra day gains of 5-15% ....Pick at near to todays close till 3-4% gap up !! Stop of yest close

Bajaj hind and Balrampur Chini ( some announcment is the reason i suppose ) our btst picks alongwith TTML look good on charts for quick moves in coming days .. TTML our investment pick frm 28-30 tgt of 50-60 maintained

RCOM on close above 790 -800 will show quick moves watchout ....


For details of the services and technical analysis course https://analyseindia.blogspot.com

Best Regards,



meraninooresh@yahoo.com noorrock2002@gmail.com

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