19k ??? ….DOES IT MATTER !!

Sensex continues to roar to higher levels...Half the analysts and so called dumbheads were shouting short , short , exit etc .... All the bears have been killed mercilessly ... Thats why i have made it point never to give sell calls .... We did advise staying partly on cash till u dont know what u are doing... For an informed investor it never makes logic to be on cash ...

Everybody is talking abt kya lagta hai market 14 ka 19k ho gaya ghirna chahiye , its a bubble , teji hi teji etc etc etc .... Well just go and see whether ur portfolio has aprreciated the same way or how much has it overperformed or underperformed then u will know what matters most talking , arguing , debating about markets , economies , margins and whole lot of jargon or getting into action and doing good investments which will give u super returns in spite of market conditions .... Thats what market is about creating wealth and knowledge is a by product πŸ™‚

Technical View :

Sensex continues to be in a momentum zone we could see some exhaustion as we reach 18900-19200 where we could see some good breather and look to get very cautious and extremely stock specific.......Keep trailing stops and churn frm over run stocks to fresh breakouts thats the best way to make money in momentum ....


Thats the power of pure technical analysis and market reading ....

IVRCL frm 454 does 520 ... Nagarjuna frm 275-278 does 305 , Parsvanath frm 375 does 400 , Patel frm 490 does 590 , HCC frm 164 to 175 , Akruti Nirman 950 frm 790 ...................many other const bets rocked ...RPL does 178 frm 165-167 ..Core projects does 219 ...Nagarjuna bounces frm 51 to 61 πŸ™‚

MERCATOR LINES our long term call does 95 frm the recommended level of 55-60 in less then 6-8 weeks ....Akruti frm 55o to 950 , Adani frm 320 to 750 ....many more such ones apart from the power baggers like torrent power , REL , TAT Apower etc...only one left GIPCL set for 120 ...

THOSE WHO WANT TO LEARN TECHNICAL ANALYSIS THE WAY WE DO IT CAN GET IN TOUCH NOORESH 09819225396 . MUMBAI SESSION PLANNED IN 3rd or 4th week of OCTOBER do confirm ur seats . For more queries can mail or call up.

All the stocks have jumped up frm 5-15% or more ... So many of them in FNO so traders delight ... There is still much more to come in them ....Now i wont present as others do lot size * rupees = these many thoudsands .....We believe just in good % ge gains πŸ™‚ how to optimize them is a traders ability and risk capacity ...

Watchout for Gammon ( above 515 ) , Peninsula LAnd , Prajay and Bombay Dyeing ( above 715 ) ...

Stocks to watchout for :

Bombay Dyeing buy with a stop of 679 for a tgt of 750-800 + in 2 weeks

Zee ent buy with a stop of 338 tgt 365 -380 ...2 weeks call

Investment Stock for medium term

Shree Precoated Steels

Huge Fii buying has taken place in this counter and set to touch 60 + levels in next 6 months ...Investors with a larger risk apetite can accumulate this stock at current levels and declines... Disclosure ( Already recommended to clients at 445 to 410 as a strong accumulate

Some Lines to read :

Escorts set for 150-160 in coming weeks .... ( already recommended to clients at 122-130 )

Indiabulls finance set for 800 levels in good sentiments.... Lion hearted traders watchout

Areva Tnd , Madhucon Projects , Kapataru Power are the best stocks for people who are afraid of momentum and high volatility and like slow steady gainers irrespective of markets can start taking exposure......

We have started a free trial cum testing of SMS for friends....

To start receiving the messages read below : SMS ->JOIN NooreshTech to 567673434SMS which will be charged 3 bucks i suppose. Use the exact uppercase or lower case as given. Or login to www.smsgupshup.com and join the group.

FOr exclusive paid services and learning technical analysis checkout https://analyseindia.blogspot.com for details or call 09819225396 ( aftr mkt hours )

Best Regards,



meraninooresh@yahoo.com noorrock2002@gmail.com

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