18k in sight !!!

Sensex is in sight of the magical or unbelievable no 18k ... Around 2 mths back this was a dream for the tired bulls at 14k and now its a nightmare of bears who tried to kill at 16k πŸ™‚ ... This is what happens with markets, people got scared at sub 14k and exitted and were unconvinced at 16k and shorted and shorted and now they are left with no money to think or do nething πŸ™‚

This is serious business and u dont sell becoz some friend u met on a bus stop spoke of 12k soon or u dont buy coz some fella told 25k in 2 mths : ) ... BE sensible and disciplined;...

POWER STOCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST PERFORMERS πŸ™‚

For last 2 months in every post of mine u must have seen me write just buy power stocks and hold for 3- 6 mths and enjoy ... I guess so many of the readers have benefitted a lot of it and i believe not many gave investment calls on the power stocks as we did πŸ™‚ I wont like to give the links otherwise it will take the whole page πŸ™‚ ....JUST CTRL -F then type REL or JP or Power and u will see how many times i repeated ma views

REL given at 590 now around 1400 ..........100-120%

JP hydro at 38-40 now around 80 ..... 100 %

Torrent Power at 70 now around 100 ....40-50%

Tata Power at 690 now at 1100 .... 50-60%

NTPC at 160-165 now at 220 ...30-40%

And of late recommending GIPCL , Suzlon ( today to clients again ) ...

So all u needed was patience πŸ™‚ ... i still remain bullish and would like to ride the run in them and forget a decent qty in these stocks forever...

Review : Parsvanath does 1st intra tgt , 3 out of 4 ckt hitters hit upper freeze cheers

Some messages of the day :

03-Oct-2007 11:24:49 GE SHipping for DEL 3 - 6mths .... Above 360 good momentum for traders ...Investors do take exposure in it ...Safe investment call

03-Oct-2007 12:28:12 Book profits in BTST Calls NTPC , COlgate RCOM fully ...( only TTML and JP hydro hit small stops but others did lotmore πŸ™‚ )

03-Oct-2007 14:28:42 GE Shipping about to break 360 levels ....Buy and forget this stock irrespective of mkt volatility ..If u have patience

GE shipping frm 355 to 390 πŸ™‚ ...still good only ..BTST carried Suzlon , NTPC , Punj Lloyd

Stocks to watchout for now :

Asahi India

bUy above 112-113 for 2 weeks tgt 130 +

Risk Calls :

HDIL Buy for extreme short term for 8-10 % upmove , Suzlon looks good for intra day tomorrow , Spice Tele for 65 -67 in 1 week

For subscription to our client recommendations check https://analyseindia.blogspot.com for details

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