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Sensex continues to knock higher levels and goes well past our tgt of 17150 ....And the current rally is pure momentum can take us to 17500 odd levels but any correction after this rally should be looked upon as opportunities...We need some forced correction some news to cool this of it seems... Be highly stock specific and as i have maintained be a disciplined investor and trader and keep a good component of cash in ur portfolio as of now and ride the winning stocks and cut the losers , reduce highly over run stocks .....Churning ur money is also a good way ...

Some lines to read :

Arvind Mills

High risk buy at current levels but above 65-66 a tgt pof 75 could be quick ,...but stoploss has to be a lil deeper arnd 5%

Ranbaxy looks set for 460 levels in extreme short term and has to be seen whether its able to sustain above that ...also keep a watch on CIpla...

Hindustan Zinc can touch 900-1000 levels in short term ...the only non mover in the metals...

BF Utilities ...Hearing good reviews on this stock for a buy n forget way ...Huge tgts by people .. Can be bought at current levels as looks a good level to enter for long term multibagger view... People talking in times as tgts πŸ™‚ Will try to find some more on the funda side...

kEEP A CLOSE watch on BIOCON if it crosses 480-490 levels....The new addition to FNO which is under huge accumulation as per charts.... Can be a good bet in coming days cantgt 530 quickly..Whirlpool has broken out of the 45 resistance 2-3 close above long term tgt 75-120 will come into reckoning...

Weird Small cap ideas :

Bhagwati Gases ( 500051)

In the last few months back rally in ithis stock it was touted be the next multibagger small cap etc.... Technical speculation gives a tgt of 20 with a stop at 11.3

Facor Alloys , Ferro Alloys , Lloyds Steel deserve a good watch by the satta and small cap players for some non stop ckts in next few months πŸ™‚ ....Cant say much abt the fundas but yes lot of satta buying happening

Intra Day ckt hitters can give 5-20% gains ...High risk higher returns

Futura Polyesters , Rajasthan Spinning mills , Todays Writing , Mirza Tanners,

Do check the other tow posts made below on deepak ferti ...

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