Risk rewad not on the Right Side !!

Sensex continues to notch higher levels ... Now we are in our huge resistance zone of 16900-17150 which is my target for the current thrust which should slow down in next 5-8 sessions .. The strategy is simple be highly stock specific as the current slowdown could still see euphoric moves in other stocks ... As a correcting market doesnot imply everything will go down ... Always be on the hunt for good opportunities .. some people might have missed out on our petronet , mrpl , sun flag , ispat , south iron, JP Hydro,Nagarjuna Fert etc etc coz seeing the Sensex at highs isnt that a stupid reason to desist buying a good momentum funda + tech picks..

Approach is simple just ride the investments and use momentum to trade with strict stops .

Review :

We have been doing less of fresh buying for medium term , rather trading for extreme short term and enjoying the investments ride

JP Hydro frm 38 to 82 still on n on ...
Nagarjuna fert frm 20 and 25 to 58 .... never sell
Petronet Lng 67 to 87 .... our investment tgt 95
MRPL frm 48 to 65 + ....our tgt of 65 surpaased
TTML frm 29 to 43 ....still holding
Ispat Inds frm 17 to 29+, Sun Flag Iron 16 to 27 + ....long term baggers
South Iron frm 33 to 37 ...start of it
K S Oils frm 54 to 84 .....Added more at 76 tgt 90+
Gremach Infra frm 195-200 to 266 ...just the start of it
RNRL frm 30 to 70 + ....it surpassed our tgt of 70 .,.. but trailing small qty now
RPL frm 115 to 160 ... never sell
Mercator lines frm 55 to 75 , added at 60 and 74 today tgt 90+

The above is a list of last few weeks not considering the adanis , walchands etc..

Some laggards Asian Tiles , Spicejet, chennai petro some others which hit our small stoplosses..

In todays market we enjoyed the madenning moves shown in JP hydro ( 64-66 to 80 ) , Petronet ( 80-81 ) , MRPL ( 61- 62 to 68 ) , Nagarjuna Fert ( 53 to 58 ) .............Alerting watchout messages on the same were sent to clients about momentum at the given prices

Stocks to watchout for :

Guj Inds Power ... GIPCL

Buy with a stoploss of 79 for a tgt 95-100 in next 2 weeks to 3 mths

Sugars :

I expect a next round of buying in sugars which could be again 5-15 % and FNO picks would be more gains ... Have again recommended re entering the sugars namely - Bajaj Hind at 181-182 , Balrampur chini at 80-80.5 , Renuka Sugars at 700 , Triveni Engg at 116-117 ...All carried home today for BTST as well as short term ... Bajaj Hind is the best on charts

Long term category :

Kirloskar Ferrous

The company seems to be turning around on charts and fundamentals buy between 45-50 with a view of 3 mths to 1 yr .. Another addition to long term category ..

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION MUMBAI : Scheduled for Sept 29-30 . do get in touch to confirm your entry ....For more details Nooresh 09819225396 ...Also people from other cities interested mail me ur details so we can arrange a session in the city , Delhi is on cards soon in october ...... https://nooreshtech.blogspot.com/2007/03/technical-analysis-session.html An old post giving a brief of the course for more queries Nooresh 09819225396 .

For subscription to our client recommendations check https://analyseindia.blogspot.com for details

Best Regards,

Nooresh 09819225396

meraninooresh@yahoo.com noorrock2002@gmail.com

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