No Breather in Sight…. Trailing stoplosses the need

It was expected that sensex should take a breather around 15550 levels .. With a close over 15600 the scenario of the breather is getting taken out .. And for all those people who say market is overbought and needs to be shorted have been proved wrong. Markets can remain overbought for a long long time but what matters is u dont go overboard ur limits..

Another 2 close above 15600 expect a new top sooon .. The best way as i always say is to keep trailing ur winning trades and thats what we have been doin gin this period .. Stock specific activity has given us gr8 gains...

Have been busy off late and tired so not able to update in not much of review of stocks ... KLG jumped today keep holding investment pick ... Advanta , akruti , paradyne , bombay burmah did well to start of ...Will soon come out with the list of stocks recommended to clients frm 13800 levels and how did they perform in the last 2-3 weeks ;; example Nagarfert 80% , KS Oils 30% e5c

Just one of the calls which was sent to people on the free list ...( praj Inds del calll given 2-3 dayss back in newsletter )

06-Sep-2007 11:20:36

Buy Praj Inds above 195.3 for a tgt of 204 in btst stoploss191

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION MUMBAI : Tentatively scheduled Sept 08-09 do get in touch to confirm your entry ....For more details Nooresh 09819225396 ...Also people from other cities interested mail me ur details so we can arrange a session in the city , Delhi is on cards soon ..

For subscription to our client recommendations check for details

Stocks to watchout for

All sugar stocks look good for short term spurts of 10-15% more frm here... Low risk high returns ...( Disclosure : Balrampur , Baja Hind , Triveni Engg , Renuka suagrs already recommended to clients on wed )

Rohit Ferro ....for short term tgt 49-59 ...Client call given at 39 and 42 to add

HLL and ITC for slow money look good on declines. ... Fertilizer stocks for day trading my picks GNFC , Nagarjuna fert

Short term del call : NEctar Lifescience for a tgt of 15-25% stoploss at 4 % frm current levels

Intra day bets which can be taken above the given levels

Suzlon above 1325

HDIL above 548

HTMT global above 407

Tata Power 9 Yes my fav investment power ) buy on opening bell

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