Be stock specific ….

Sensex continues to face pressures at higher levels with some or the other reason popping up everytime we r above 14600 levels... So till we dont consistently close above these levels the volatility will continue with good stock specific moves.,..Same is the case with DOw Jones index. The chart looks bullish but needs to cross and stay above 13500-13600 ..The indices are waiting for signals from the fed .... the volatility will reduce after these concerns are taken care of ...

Stocks for safe investors :

After a long time adding to the safe investment gains of 15% or more with very low risk stocks.. Earlier ones like glaxo, Pidilite , britannia, GMDC etc etc gave good slow returns..

Guj Mineral Dev corp ( GMDC )

Earlier this stock was covered at 480 levels long time back ... Still at 900 it looks good for a tgt of 1100+ in next 3-6 mths irrespective of mkt conditions.. So safe investors who would like low risk moderate returns without needing to watch the price should opt for this..

Jindal Saw

The stock is very well placed in the pipe sector and looks a good fundamental pick which could easily touch the target of 730-850 in next 3 mths to 1 yr .. Accumulat on every levels till 600 ..

I continue to maintain highly bullish view on the small cap steel segment ... My picks being ispat , sun flag , Vikas metals , Adhunik Metals , Pennar Inds ... Some of them saw a 10% move rightaway ...well i recommend investments also with a technical mind so this happens ..

People can do have a look at sal steel , south iron steel etc which i dont have much idea on funda wise..

Review :

Day tgts achieved for akruti and mah gesco , Neo Sack one of the old weird small caps has moved up with 3 10% freeze so book part , TFCIL continues.. Steel cos give a good move right away .. Karnataka Bank holds up well in weak markets also , keep a stop of

Day calls : Buy Ansal Infra with a stop of 256 tgt 272-279 .Short term del tgt 290 ..

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