1st close above 14600 …..

Sensex has given a close above 15600 for the first time in the current volatility ...Technically 1-2 more close above 15600 we should be knocking new highs ...This is not significant though as the overall market is so close to highs we would be knocking new highs on other indices./// ...Just had a brief look on Dow Jones it is nearing 13500-13550 resistance zones and the next few days could see a decisive move

observation :

BSE 200 prev high = 1941.75 now 19220

BSE 500 prev high =6217 now 6165

NSE Midcap prev high =6365 now 6344

Nifty Junior prev high 9247 now 9071

Its so close yet so far ......Well the real good portfolios have actually appreciated despite the panic 13800 levels ...

Nitin FIre and Suzlon rocking and touching their 1st tgts pity fast ....See the charts posted a day back

KLG systels does 510 levels , Rohit ferro 53 frm reco of 42-44 πŸ™‚ , MIC electronics overshoots our tgts hits 570 reco at 425 πŸ™‚

Mercator Lines does 74 levels from our reco of 62 on blog ....that clears some myths..

GEI Inds hits 115 ...recommended so many times at 85 odd levels...enjoy .Andhra Petro 27.8 + 1 re dividend πŸ™‚ <>

Day trade calls : Ramco achieves botht the tgts. , Bajaj Auto does 1st tgt , Radha Madhav flops

Tata Power does 1st tgt of 760 , HDIL does the expected spurt , GNFC left ,

Stocks to watchout for :

Arvind Mills could touch 60 levels in next 1-2 weeks,.recommended at 53.5 to people on yahoo list

Day Trade : Buy Akruti Nirman with a 8 rs stop for a tgt of 638 -650 , Mahindra GEsco with 5 rs below todays close for a tgt of 580-594 ,

Investment Stock ( long term category new ) :

As said i would add to this bagger and long term category stocks , 2 stocks covered earlier

Small cap steel stocks :

As per my reading i expect all the small cap steel stocks to be at least one bagger in next 3 mths to 1 year ..20-40% gain would easily be achieved

As the category is small caps and may be volatile to u can spread the portfolio risk by accumulating the following stocks , some of the stocks may have been covered before or recommended to clients :

Sun Flag Iron and steel ( gr8 fundas and turnaround )

Ispat Inds ( good fundas and specualtive buying can take if higher and faster )

Pennar Inds ( Paitence needed in this turnarounf story )

Vikas Metals ( More of technical and punter view )

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