Volatitlity at its best !!! … Pendulum movements

Sensex continues to oscillate and as i have written not a gr8 time for traders .......Its an investor market with a whole lot of stocks which are and will be available at good levels for long term investments . So pick ur picks ..

As i always say it is not necessary to trade every day .... But traders cant help their urge , and end up cutting into the profits gained in this rally .. Gap ups and gap downs are not the best times for traders ... And repeating for last so many days dont be on leveraged positions !! Coz the risk is reduced and if u r holding good quality stocks entered at good levels the current corrections will not bother u but help u to buy more on declines slowly ...

Sensex view:

Sensex as expected has taken support at 14700 areas and surpassed the resistance areas of 15400 but could not sustain ... The current consolidation between 14700-15200 is a time to look for particular stocks for long term accumulation and not for traders !! Wait for a solid bottom formation at 14700-14900 followed by stability in next 6-8 sessions of volatility ... Stock specific moves will continue in some strong stocks

Review :

JP hydro touches 45 + for investment one can re enter slowly between 40-42 , Walchandnagar does intra freeze at 2590 cool returns hold on for long term bonus etc , Kilitch hits 3 rd ckt , remi, apple , harig , neo sack intra ckts ...Solar , indo , elecon look good for investment , vimta does tgt 175 Keep strict stoplosses in other calls given and enter only sustaining of above levels

Moderate RIsk investment :

RDB Inds

In the earlier run it was touted to have big properties across kolkata etc and resisdential projects ... Warrants and convertible shares placed at 160-170 levels !! Now available at 130 levels !! .. Two ways to go about it technically ... Keep a stoploss of 115 and buy around 125-130 or buy on close or sustaining above 138 levels for a tgt of 160 and 220 in next 3 weeks to 6 mths .

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