Up, Down , LEFT and RIGHT

Sensex continues to swing wildly in the range of 14600 and 13700 .... Till now markets were about up and down only .......One more factor has come in of late that is the LEFT ... This choppiness will continue till we dont close above or below the range given for 2-3 days .. So be alert and dont try to play the volatility ... Trade less look for investments rather... Irrationalism , pessimism and volatility dont stay for long in markets ...

VSNL holds up in weak markets hits a high of 384...Guj ambuja opens up high on announcement which i had no idea abt it was a pure technical call ( Was good for clients as we had a BTST call at 131.5 on wednesday and sold off at opening )

Apollo Sindhoori watchout for short term moves stoploss 159 buy arnd 168 or on sustaining above 176 tgt 195-210







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