review and weird small cap ideas

Review :

Despite the market weakness all the investment pics have continued to show strength ... as i have said everyone wants quickies so when i write patience they dont enter and are left out ....Its like niyat hogi acchi to paisa milega ...examples

Emami ltd does 255 frm 230 levels , bharti shipyard frm 560 to 600 + , Elecon engg 550-560 to 660 , Indo tech transformers 460 to 525 , Solar explosives in buy range did hit a high of 195 though, all have almost given a return of 8-15 % in extreme short term but are investment picks so more is yet to come but needs patience 🙂

Weird small cap ideas : Mukat pipes strong , foundry n ferro exit as said sometime back , harig still at buy price.. peerless abasan continues ,

New ones 🙁 not really weird rather unknown as of yet but risk factor is always a lil high )

Kilitch Drugs

A very good story in the making with new plants etc ... good funda ppl have a look soon u ll get multibagger views on the same ... So patience will pay ... Non stop ckts on cards..

Neo Sack

Another stock which has turned around in the results in last few qtrs .. gdrs fccbs on cards ... Can go one side for few days ...

RIsky others Apple Finance ( totallly punter call ) , Remi metals ( into ferrous and pipes so sector is hotting up )

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