RDB Inds …. Breakout as expected !!

Yesterdays Article
RDB Inds: In the earlier run it was touted to have big properties across kolkata etc and resisdential projects ... Warrants and convertible shares placed at 160-170 levels !! Now available at 130 levels !! .. Two ways to go about it technically ... Keep a stoploss of 115 and buy around 125-130 or buy on close or sustaining above 138 levels for a tgt of 160 and 220 in next 3 weeks to 6 mths .
Pure technical basis....................fundamental reasoning to support
Was up 10 -15% on weak markets . ..... ( Disclosure ) Has given a good breakout with volumes ... recommended to clients yesterday at 136-138 levels .. Good for short term tgts at 160-175 and 220 in medium term .. !!

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