Range Bound between 13700-14600

Sensex continues to remain in the range of 13700 -14600 ... Of late lot of internal factors also effect the volatility and sentiments ... The medium term view remains the same 13700 should hold up on a monthly basis in weak sentiments ...

Short term resistance 14600 and 15100 for sensex and nifty 4255 and 4400..

The world markets have recovered quite a bit from the lows... Dow Jones index dint close below 12800 and has jumped to 13300-400 ... ANd many other indices have recovered so the global concerns have been ok ...

With the current volatility there are not many short term calls which i would like to take .... And if there are some good opportunities and breakouts they are caught in the day and sent through yahoo to free list people and clients.. ... So no short term calls for now ... The other investment calls remain ...

Just a brief of the messages sent to people on friday

24-Aug-2007 11:47:39

High risk call : Buy nifty around 4122-4125 stoploss 4109 tgt 4149 ( Nifty was at 4119-4122 when the message was sent )

24-Aug-2007 12:58:26

Book part in NIFTY and raise stoploss to 4125 ( This was around 4140 or some 15-20 points frm buy if i remember well and then later it did a high of 4190 we caught the move much before )

24-Aug-2007 13:19:12

Raise stoploss to 4139 ... Look To buy SEPT NIFTY around 4128 -4134 small qty now

24-Aug-2007 13:27:03

Keep a stop of 4125 for Nifty Sept futures tgt 4159 ( Hit a high of some 4170 + )

24-Aug-2007 13:32:25

Raise stoploss nifty to cost tgt 4159 and 4171

24-Aug-2007 13:53:32

Buy small qty in century now and add around 715-720 for del stoploss 690 ( this was around 730 -734 hit a high of 750+ after that )

24-Aug-2007 15:14:05

NIFTY Sept book part above 4170 and carry smal qty ....Century moving well...

And above all generally i dont give many nifty recommendations as not always i am able to see a good risk reward ratio , although liquidity is high ... As stock recommendations are a good option as it favours the risk reward ratio is very favourable in the moves we like to see...

The current market scenario is good for value pickers so do some bit of research and if u have patience ...

Another thing which i would like to post is todays article by swaminathan ankleswaria iyer.. Swaminomics article on editorial page ...Its on nuclear deal ...very well simplified ... Will try to find it online ...neways those who have Sunday Times of India can always read it 🙂

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