Is Sensex important or your portfolio !!!

Of late every guy on the street loves to talk about economics , sub prime and indices isnt it ??...Well be simple think simple , u r out here to invest or trade and gain ,,, So wats more important bothering about the world or yourself and your portfolio ...

Sensex continues to be in the range specified so work gets easier as u have small selection and more action 🙂

STOCKS that rocked in last few recos !!

RDB INDS .....given on friday morning on the blog ...On a weak day or so called black friday was up 10-15% , ( Clients picked up on our recommendation on friday afternoon arnd 138 + ) ...
Again repeated on sunday with the chart shown about quick move to 160 and 220 ... HITS upper freeze 20%% ................130 to 170 in 2 days gains = 30%% .... Still more to come

ORIENTAl containers ....oricon ENTERPRISES ... mentioned about rel cap and breakout ...hits 20%% freeeze ...Fedders Lloyd up 10 % in the day ended marginally still good ..

Walchandnagar Inds ...Consistently recommending from 1700 and 2300 levels on blog ...( Clients reco at 1600 ... still holding ) ....Hits 2760 ....still the bonus and split possibility open hold on ....

Stocks which were not on the blog ( Mangalore chemicals reco strongly at 22 levels does 34 today ) i did mentioned abt the call in a discreet way check this out

Review : Solar explosive strong wait and soon enjoy , KILTICH Drugs hits yet some more ckts 145 frm 115 n on , Harig going towards 4 rs, NEO sack is alright , Sanghvi movers gives a brekout , JP hydro now look to add at lower levels , Whirlpool lelo aur so jaao , RNRL does 48 , mukat pipes strong , creative ckts , FSL stoploss hit ,

Stocks for now :

LYKA LAbs and Powersoft best stocks for risky daytraders ....Both can possibly hit upper freeze today

Weird small cap idea :

Jayaswal neco ... Some turnaround building up in this engg stock ,............Will update more tom on this with funda

DELHI TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION BEING PLANNED FOR 1st week of SEPTEMBER .....Interested people get in touch

FOr our SMS service + newsletter + yahoo messenger check for details and mail to for payment details.... Honest technical analysis and market reading

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