Indices down frm highs…….But our stocks no probs

Indices have fallen 2000 points from the highs .......People are down sentimentally coz as usual the sensex is what they look at in despair .... But all u need to see is ur pockets and portfolio ...

Sensex will contine to consolidate and face resistance at 14600 and 15100 and every short term player in index stocks should watchout for the prev low if it stays .... Sensex has lifeline support around 13700 for the monthly close ...


CLIENT recommendations : ( forwarded the online client messages of last 2-3 days on nagarjuna to all on the free list today for reference )

We recommended Mangalore chemicals and fertilizers at 22 ..... hit a high of 34 + ...still at 29.75 ... FIIS bought at 24 and 33 ....Gains = 50% +

Nagarjuna Fertilizers recommended at 20 and again at 25 hits 38 today ..... Gains = 50 to 80 %% in 3 weeks ..........................Today Merill Lynch buys a stake 🙂 ...IFCI type move in the making as per charts was mentioned yest also

Chambal Fertilizers recommended today at 38 and 40 does 45 in the day itself up 20%% ....

Coromandel Fertilizers another reco up 10%% + .........

Although whole of fertilizer stocks rocked we were selective in picking the best returns out of them 🙂

In the chatbox in a reply to Sugar stocks i recommended Fertilizer stocks .................this was written : ( 19 Aug 07, 17:38 Nooresh: Sugar Stocks are making 52 week lows which is not a good sign ... I would wait for reversal which is not happening ...there are better stocks available ... Fertilizers look)

Some of the weird small cap stocks like Harig crankshaft , Mukat pipes and others have been going strong in such markets .... Foundry fuels was one dud but weird ideas will have an ugly one 🙂

Stocks to watchout for :

Shah Alloys buy with a stoploss of 70.5 tgt 87-95 . cmp 75.9 ... Keep strict stoploss on closing basis...

Investment call :

Andhra Petro

I have been recommending the stock from 18 levels ..Now at 22.5 ( still 15-20 % up frm there ) ...Buy on declines till 21 stoploss 19.5 tgt 30-45 in 3 mths to 1 yr ...Purely for patient players

Weird Small cap Idea :

Tourism Finance corporation India ( TFCIL ) ( 526650 )

Has been in the news of late ...Looks set for 40 levels in next 3 mths .... Buy till 23 .

I HAVE STARTED A GOOGLE GROUP And Community on orkut . So those who would like to share ideas on investment can join them



09819225396 ( Those who want to chat with me can add me on gtalk )

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