Fear of the Unknown!!!! …………

The volatility on all major indices in the globe has been the highest in last 3 weeks ..... Credit , sub prime etc is basically an unknown trouble ...... You have two extremely opposite views ...

Well but there is one thing u know i know is about the stocks in indian markets so the long term story remains great only .....Dont be a compulsive trader as i have been repeating in last few weeks ... Its an investors market ...Best way for investors is to do investments in small lots and remove some on big moves

Dow Jones has become an indicator for all markets ... As was written before the range is 13150 - 13550.... it has now broken below the range and should consolidate at lower support areas of 12800-12900 zones ...

Sensex continues to stay in the zone of 14700-15200 ... Wait for a consistent close above on either side to get into one direction ...With weak global cues 14500-14700 lower side range can be tested in coming days .... Be stock specific and make investments in long term stories in a systematic manner

Review :

Walchandnagar 2900 !!! frm 1700 gr8 returns ,,,, reco at 2300 again to buy ... RDB INDS hits 198 from 130 in less then 4 sessions , Solar Explosives inches up to 215 frm 186 ,

Stocks to watchout for :

Apollo Sindhoori and Emkay shares ......................Still there seems to be smart money going in it ... Investors with a good funda eye can check the valuations or prospects ...

I had earlier been writing about jrg sec , emkay and apollo sindhoori will see good buying all the three have appreciated quite a lot from those levels ....

Action Constructions looks goo on declines till 310 levels for investment


New category for gamblers ....Aar ya paar ...i have no funda, no tech info on these stocks only satta ,,,, not for normal people 🙂 These stocks can hit ckts for 5-10 days on upper side and then lowers also possible .... Khelo .... Total satta so take care


Mega COrporation

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