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Sensex and Nifty are forming dojis on the top which is slowing signs for extreme 2-3 day traders....Overall the picture is still buy on declines then to short on rise.... Good support for short term 15550 ...

Stocks to watchout for :

JP Hydro ... Recommended before also but only on crossover aabove 38.5 -39 range for a good upmove in quicktime....

Patel Engg looks a good buy on declines till 465 and half qty now at current levels on crossovver above 490 will touch 540 .,....

HDFC Bank and HDFC ltd for safe players and investors low risk moderate returns...Evergreen stocks not yet participated in the rally ...

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION Schedule :Mumbai July 28-29.. confirm ur entry

Another session for delhi being planned interested people contact me to register so we can fix a good date .

I have not been able to handle any queries through the chatbox or other ways ... Now one good way i can do for all my readers is patiently try to solve queries in this week and weekend in the given timings...Also will try to see how we can do online conference through yahoo ...

Weekdays Nooresh 09819225396 ( 5 pm to 6.45 Pm )

Weekends ( after ( 3 pm only )

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meraninooresh@yahoo.com and noorrock2002@gmail.com

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