15650 1st tgt done !!! …………..Consolidation will be good now…

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION Schedule :Mumbai July 28-29..

Another session for delhi being planned interested people contact me to register so we can fix a good date .

As i have been writing for last few days ....

Sensex technical targets maintained at 15650 and 16200 and that is what it looks technically and that is i would stay with..

The 1st tgt at 15650 is done and now a consolidation or a little dip to 15300 supports would be good to look to re enter index stocks which have over run and 15100 area should hold for short term .. ...When the whole world was shouting correction frm 14800 i was adamant to my technical tgts of which the 1st is done and if 15050 would be my trailing levels if it stays then 16200 is on cards by end of the year ...

Some investment calls which we gave only to our paid clients ...

GTL Infra at 37-43 levels hit62 levels tgt given was 60 + .... Booked part at those levels ........Now giving rights at 10 rs 1:1 hit 20% freeze on friday ...

GEI inds at 70 odd levels ( now 84 did 90 good to add ) , Adani at 260 levels ( 320 now good to add ) , PTC given at 68 ( hit 100 + , VOltas at 96 levels ( 150 over run our 135 tgt ) ..............All still are good to hold and add on declines ...

Andhra Petro our investment call given on blog at 18 rs levels hits 23.70 again still a hold for tgt 30-55 in long term ...

Investment Stock :

Subex System ...

A good investment pick at current levels and technically above 640 if sustains should fire to 800 levels ..

Elecon Engg

Available cum bonus expect good returns after ex bonus in this supre coo ....

Stocks to watchout for in next 2 weeks :

GE Shipping

go short below 328 tgt 310 stoploss 339

Mahindra n Mahindra

Buy above 840 tgt 865-905 stoploss 823

Maruti Udyog

Buy above 847 tgt 865 -910 stoploss 823

Starting of a new series of posts of which some i have posted on https://nooreshlearn.blogspot.com earlier will be updated every Sunday and whenever i get time to right some essential things which are not related to technical analysis ...

Weird small cap Idea :

Foundry fuel ( cmp 9.55 )

Another company which is supposed to be in the peer group of Guj Nre coke and Rain calcining and with coke capacities can see a re rating .... Can go one side non stop ...High risk High returns as usual in these ideas.....


Mumbai July 21-22 and July 28-29..

Do register and confirm if you are serioulsy interested ...mail or call me 0981922596

For a brief detail check this old link : https://nooreshtech.blogspot.com/2007/03/technical-analysis-session.html

Best Regards,




meraninooresh@yahoo.com ( can chat with me after mkt hours )

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