Suzlon………love to catch such huge moves

Skumars saying frm 82 hold for this expiry see today 99 its kinda on a single lot u make 35-39 k that is more then the margin on the buy itself 🙂

Below are the messages on how we updated on SUZLON n SKumars n some others...Some of the messages even went to our free list....

Pure technicals can work so fine who wants the news then 🙂

26 June 2007

meraninooresh (10:08:17 AM): Skumars we maintain buy n hold ...Add more if sustains above 92.5-93 ...

meraninooresh (10:11:16 AM): Buy skumars now and add on declines for ext short term tgt 95-104

meraninooresh (1:07:19 PM): Suzolon strictly BTST if sustains 1410...

meraninooresh (2:15:59 PM): Suzlon abt to give a big breakout watchout

meraninooresh (3:15:28 PM): Suzlon book half n take half home

meraninooresh (3:27:11 PM): Skumars on the move in the end

27 June

meraninooresh (10:50:41 AM): Suzlon buy arnd 1425 -1430 for shor tterm

meraninooresh (10:51:07 AM): Hold Suzlon BTST add arnd 1425-1430

meraninooresh (11:11:24 AM): Suzlon book half above 1470

meraninooresh (1:29:48 PM): Add TATA Power above 644 for BTST

meraninooresh (1:59:58 PM): TATA Power tgt 654-665

meraninooresh (1:57:49 PM): Suzlon book 25 % above 1495 -1510

meraninooresh (2:11:10 PM): Suzlon can still hold some qty seems a much bigger move in coming days

meraninooresh (3:16:54 PM): Skumars keep booking profits coz many others giving buy calls can lead to selling pressure at higher levels so we can re enter

meraninooresh (3:05:35 PM): Clients book last qty left in Suzlon or keep trailing at 1520 levels

( said this at 1550 )

Above is just a brief of the messages.....Well some other calls were also given some did hit stoploss but the stocks that move give u such gains ke 1-2 stoploss hits are no worries at all ...

SKUMARS just see the links Below for how many times we repeated it

and many more times...

82 to 99 is more then 20% in FNO :))

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