Rocking analysis as usual…. Stock specific..

For quite long i have been maintaining be stock specific ........Avoid index ... i am not against nifty trading till u r not able to find 5-10% moves in other stocks which we have been consistently finding them,.............. So in that case huge index positions in choppiness would only stop u taking good winning trades elsewhere...

Calls given on June 19 yesterday

meraninooresh (1:18:26 PM): TATA Motors BTST only above 658 sustaining stoploss 649 tgt 675-685 ....buying at current levels for a bounce also ok

meraninooresh (1:20:54 PM): positional players can keep a stoploss at 640 for tata motors tgt at 680 + for positional

meraninooresh (1:46:38 PM): TATA motors BTST now at 655-657

Hit today 690 odd...

meraninooresh (2:26:13 PM): Sterlite trying 560 again looks good ....if sustains expect 580 in few days

hits 610 ....

meraninooresh (12:04:31 PM): Century BTST if sustains 622-624 tgt 640

Book profit given at 637 cheers,..

For paid services for details

Todays client calls will be updated in the evening

TA course Bangalore

June 23-24 ..

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