Need strength ……………..New highs on sensex not so easy

Sensex is showing signs of tiring and needing a break or strength gaining consolidation at lower levels ....So wait and be selective in your stock pickings ....supports at 14300 levels for the Sensex ...

Alpha Geo hits 5 th freeze ... Oil country yet another , intra day call Elgi equipments hits upper freeze , Peerless Abasan another 10% , Asian does our intra day freeze , NAukri jumps as said hits 875 , Neyvyeli breaks out all set for 72-78... Fertilizers dont move much stable... BEML still ok .....Wyeth , Aventis and GLaxo our compounding stocks doing good slowly and steadily ....

Stocks to watch now :

Simpliex castings for intra day freeze....

Gwalior Chemicals buy only above 67 if sustains can do 10-20% in short term

Pritish Nandy for intra day freeze...

Investment Stock

First Leasing

The best dividend yielding stock ....Only reason it doesnot run away and is going cheap is the management is too clean to let anyone operate it they would rather give good dividends consistently for years no w.....I expect re rating will happen anytime so if u r patient and like funda stocks this is it...

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TA course schedule

MUMBAI June 02-03

Kolkata June 09-10

Bangalore tenatatively June 16-17 or June 23-24




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