Sensex bounces frm 14050 ::::::::::as said…

As we said before a little dip would be welcome back to 14050 levels which is still possible ....

Written on thursday 🙂

FOr now slow buying in very selective index based stocks can be done around 14080-14150 levels

written on friday 🙂

Sensex low 14046 🙂
Simple technical analysis ....Straight view .....These levels if maintained for next 2-3 sessions then as said we should try to hit the upper side of the channel in coming week s...So be selective in the choices....IT stocks are witnessing bottom buying and a good shifting opportunity to exit partly from IT to other better growth areas in short term ...IT yes looks good in a longer horizon short term i am not that bullish basically the reason is other sectors and stocks showing better growth opportunities.....I have always liked the midcap IT stocks like ROlta, GTL , Niit tech , Patni ....Hexaware has been the oddlot ...

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