Ess Dee n SICAL see investments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People asking about markets nifty how does it look ................ Our clients and friends dont ....Coz they know how good they are portfolio has been even in 14700 to 12300 and frm 12300 to 14400 ....The returns and simple safe money keeps on coming .....Coz we have been able to find baggers all the time...

see the movement of some investment stocks

UTV software frm 330 to 450 ...............went to 470 + but that is small qty forgotten ,....40%

Moser Baer frm 300 to 460 ...booked part to re enter

Rolta frm 280 to 480 ...still hold

Ess dee aluminium frm 280 to 370 still good only

Sical frm 208 to 225 now it is just the start of it ....Go for intra tomorrow circuit possible

Jindal drilling frm 550 to 650 still good ....easun etc...

Walchandnagar inds frm 1680 to 1950+ .....still much more left /./ 🙂

steel stocks already spoken about

Trading picks

Patni computers frm 485 to 530

Renuka sugars frm 570 to 595 ...still set for more

i ll cut this list short u go through the archives and see the performance for urself and find some new ones and buy n forget

Reason for this :

Simple technical analysis and fundamental vision ( ya i never like peeping much into the balance sheet !!! .....)

Dow Jones we were spot on ....Just not getting time to update world data... But they are all placed crucially if we stay sideways for some more days on asian indices they are all set for gr8 highs in next 2 -3 mths

If you are interested in learning this practical technical analysis from the person i have learnt from do get in touch for courses scheduled
Mumbai June 01-02

Kolkata June 09-10

also Ahmedabad so enroll urself

Street and Market perception through my words :

Sugar stocks have seen their worst .,..........They can do no bad now so all that can happen is good ....So investments for risk profile people can look towards it .. TEjiii in the offing

IT stocks will plunge in coming months due to bad results or negativity ....That would be the panic opportunity and investors should wait for that no hurry ....

Auto stocks will be the next plunger in the correction so avoid....There are better places to put ur money in

Cements are a better proxy bet to infrastructure as basic need ....Promoters and insider added the stake in this crash in cements and lapped up peoples stock !!

Stocks for Now :

Aftek Infosys above 76 only if it does buy good qty for investment tgt 90+

Zee entertainment the best of the media picks has not gained much ...watchout !!!!!!! our investment pick

BEL n Aurobindo Pharma in FNO space looks good

Lok Housing ....Buy if u like the story ....risk is there but can hit 3-4 circuits also so all ur wishj

We will be posting a few charts which will be put up a little later ....Been made but will show it when they move as expected...

To know more about our services call Nooresh 09819225396 after 4 pm to 7 pm ....Feel free to know more for details of subscription previous newsletters and TA session details

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