Dip as said ………………………Now search …

DIVIS LABS .............. saying frm 3500 ...tgt given was 4k + and said a day before announcement bonus split to aana hi hai split aa gaya 🙂 this is what i expected frm 3500 brkout ....gave a book profit at 4400 ....the stock over ran our targets but 20 + % is cool in a fno stock ... Jayaswal Neco risky pick hits 10% freeze 🙂 ..

JET KING hits another 10% ....i have been overly bullish on the sector .....No balance sheet analysis or further things posted ....Educomp almost 2000 frm 350 ....Aptech 330 frm 150 ....NIIT 1000 frm 350 ..............Is the rally over i still dont feel so if u r a patient investor any cracks in the market pick these stocks up ...Aptech at 280-310 is cheap ....

Our fav in long run .... Mukta hits 104 + frm 70 odd ( tgt 120 intact ) .. , Oil country 40 + frm 23 odd ( tgt revised frm 40 to 55 ) , and many more of such stocks

Now put these in them Walchand nagar inds , Pennar inds , GSPL , Andhra Petro , Aptech , NIIT , Ceat , do systematic investment in them say every month for next 3-4 mths ....then go to next pick why give ur money to a mutual fund ....if u cannot do it urself get in touch with us ......

Advanta gave a risky traders call at 870 hit 20% freeze at 970 but gave a book profit at 920 + ...Idea call given to clients booked half profit at 123 now waiting with trailing stops for 127-128 ..

Sensex as said will try to fill the gap left at 14150 -14200 region and was done today ........FOr now slow buying in very selective index based stocks can be done around 14080-14150 levels and a decline to 13900 region could be the next initiation or wait for breakout reversal ...

Stocks for now :

Indus Ind Bank ..... The next bank i like which i believe has not cuaght the fancy .... Earlier picks given in the sector by me south india bank @ 73 , Centurion @ 27 , City union @ 135 ,

Last bank stock i gave was DCB and see patience pays now i feel its done for short term .... Now i put my strong call on Indus ind Bank with a tgt of 60 stoploss 44.5 accumulate btwn 47 -50 or play in momentum above 51.3 ....

Sahara One ...

The only media stock which has not run ......This is one stock which is picking up on the fundamental side ...In the longer run could give good returns u can look into the books n growth ... Technically has seen good accumulation so watch out or play small ...

Weird small cap stock : D & H welding ..... Good on charts if closes above 31 cmp 28.6 , With an eps of 5.1 for annual looks good ....need to do more research ...watchout 🙂

Bartronics only if sustains above 137 ,

Asian Electronics buy at opening bell to sell at 605 -620

Keep strict stoplosses in all your trades be it short or long ...Stay stock specific in this bouts of volatility before we set up for something big...

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