Delhi Session ……….may 19-20 …..Stock VIew

The Technical Analysis training course is scheduled for Delhi on May 19-20 ....So if you are interested in becoming independent in your decisions , learn and earn do take this opportunity to join the course.

The Course will be conducted mainly by my uncle who is much much more experienced and has taught me technicals..

Also Kolkata schedule planned for June 9-10 do enroll yourself. .....Planning for other cities Ahmedabad soon ....

Contact Nooresh 09819225396

Also for our exclusive analysis and services ...................You can check the earlier newsletters where in we said about 8800 as the rock bottom and will never be seen .......Much more ....Some of our earlier newsletters are posted over there do read them ...

Sensex View :

As said before we need to sustain 14k levels for 3 sessions on a trot to trigger fresh buying ... Ideally in that case the sensex should try targetting 14900-15050 levels on the channel upside...
A break below 13600 for 2-3 days could take it to 13100 in case of some severe bad news which i really dont expect from the charts if we stay put at current levels for next 4-6 sessions , ...

The view is simple fresh buying above 14k if sustains and above 14400 for 2-3 sessions will cut bears to cats !!!

Apollo Tyres our swing pick moves frm 337 to 352 trail ur stoplosses and hold for 365-375 ...

Eih Ltd triggers a swing buy .....Investment pick of ours..

GSPL given at 50-52 hits 57.80 see cool 10-14% returns and safe in less then 3-4 weeks ......Still more to come ......Small investors and selective pickers should follow this list of stocks or others can make this system a part of the portfolio ,, ..

COmpunding effect : Syngenta , GMDC , Britannia if u see all gave 25% .... so 1lac invested equally becomes 1.25 lacs or more .... Now next we went to GSPL , Guj Gas , EIH , Glaxo ....So if u continue like this u can keep gaining 15-20 % every 3-6 mths and compund it ....The risk is low as i dont expect such stocks to go down in bad markets also by 5% .... Will elaborate on the mathematicals of this system in a couple of days or somebody can make the efforts and send me ....Being an engineer simple accounts is not what i like 🙂 ...But money is honey :))

Stocks to trade :

WalchandNagar Inds cmp ( 1673.55 )

Good for long term investment on funda basis ....Technically has given a breakout can hit 2-3 circuits on a trot tomorrow one is sure ....
Disclosure : Call given to paid clients on friday and today at 1600 will give them tomorrow again to add more 🙂

Patni Computers

Technically is all set to fire the steeets if sustains 500 levels ... Looks good for accumulate now also ... Fundamentally being from background ....The company has been on a huge recruitment spree for its new centre at Airoli which is much bigger so expansion done benefits to trickle soon ...

Petronet Lng Looks good for extreme short term gain of 10-15%

High Risk High return calls in futures segment

Buy Bombay Dyeing , VSNL , Glaxo buy and forget till expiry or till you get 5-10% move in them !!!

Buy out of money calls of Nagarjuna fertilizers which has given a big monthly breakout risk is a little high as it has moved faster towards breakout ...... something cooking big time seems as per the chart formation ...takeover or ??????????????.....

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