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nooreshmerani (10:03:59 AM): ORCHID CHEMICALS buy lots and forget above 270 nahbi milega dekhte rahoge

written on 4th april 3 days back at 260-263.....Went till 280 still at 272...ALso written previously at 253-256

TISCO and Steels :

nooreshmerani (10:37:48 AM): TATA steel will breakouyt above 452

nooreshmerani (10:46:19 AM): TISCO breakout i m very bullish on steel stockssssssss

nooreshmerani (10:49:04 AM): STEEEEEEEEEEEEELSSSSSSSSSSSSS buy ........

nooreshmerani (10:49:56 AM): JSW , JSTAIN , TISCO

nooreshmerani (11:10:35 AM): BUY JSW STEEELLLLL

nooreshmerani (11:44:24 AM): Book part in JSW steel ...i m very bullish on it

THIS WAS on 4th April 3 days back tisco has crossed 500 ....JSW steel from 480-490 to 545 ...


meraninooresh (11:46:12 AM): great offshore chaaap lo enjoy ...u will regret later if u dont

from 625-630 to 660 + ...still strong...


meraninooresh (10:30:44 AM): CEMENTS FOR NEXT 3 days

meraninooresh (10:32:24 AM): Buy GRASIM and GACL

meraninooresh (3:03:04 PM): TAKE ANY of good cements as BTST

This was yesterday ...Still one day left ...grasim 2150 to 2250 ....All cements on circuit yesterday and more gains today and some more tomorrow...


meraninooresh (10:09:32 AM): MTNL keep adding till 149

meraninooresh (10:18:24 AM): MTNLLLLLLLLLL yes

meraninooresh (10:25:33 AM): MTNL book part profit now

MTNL from 152 to 157+ intraday ...still good only...

THESE are just the few of our cool intraday messages....




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