Restructure your business …….Time is here…

As expected Sensex has touched our target range of 14350-14400 .MAny analysts have been proved otherwise. So after being able to catch 1000 points move above 13300 i believe everyone should be content and satisfied. Still there is no need to panic but every businessman needs to review or take a refreshing break .....So reduce the positions stay light go of take a break this long weekend and comeback as a better planned man.....

Still there is nothing wrong with the market but maybe there might be many things wrong about your portfolio or strategy .... This rally could be a god sent opportunity for many of you use it ....

Example : A businessman has 4 busines...: Branded Cafe , Multiplex n Mall, Cold Drinks and a Cricketing Gear manufacturing...... It is pity obvious the last two are bleeding him ....What will he do shut them or shift the money to the first two isnt it......A businessman stops his wrongdoings so soon ...But do you do the same with your business in the markets ??????

Many people missed this run due to the so called knowledgeable ppl warning them of sub 11k levels. If you all were lucky to use it at least restructure , re strategise.....Or simply take a break in this coming weekend .....Cut of your bleeding stuff ....Get more into right stuff...

Back to Stocks that did good as usual:

GUJ Alkalies super move in a day said buy lots n lots sleep for a week .....In a day it gives 10+ % in a FNO stock still another 5-10% possible keeep trailing ....What more do you want to...

Indus Ind bank moves 5% , Suzlon just started .,,,,

Refinery Stocks rock the ticker boards....Just see the volumes n price build up ./....good 3-4% move in all....Now Add GAIL ( our fav) and Chennai Petro in it for todays rockers


Stocks for now :

The risk to reward ratio for extreme short term is not that gr8 ....Corrections to 13800 odd levels would be good for a buying opportunity with a whole new strategy and whole new you n US ...

BE very stock specific get light on your positions dont carry too much .,....Give a restart ....I would even advise a whole clean up ....

Divis Labs n Voltas the open BTST calls from our messenger look good for the day

L... Looking hot on charts

TECH MAHINDRA , above 1555


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