Better to learn then let the market teach u the hard way ….


MAY 05-06 ...Our only session for MAY so pass it on to interested ppl in Mumbai

MAY 12-13 HYDERABAD ....( few seats only )

MAY 19-20 DELHI ...( book it faster) ..

We dont take more then 8-10 people so seize the opportunity to learn and become independent in your decisions ... Better learn it before the market teaches u the hard way to us...

We are soon coming out with new schemes for people who want our exclusive services. MAy 7th or around that days we would be starting the services . So strategize and discipline yourself in this waiting period to make the best use of our analysis .

Pass on the message to other interested people.

Best Regards,


09819225396 ( mail me to know more ) ( Online Updates ) ( BACK up ID )

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