Relief Rally or Bounce of grief !!!!

Biggest flaw in trading or fact about traders:

A 100-200 point rally is shouted about as chal gayi baap ,
markets recovered...!!!

But nobody likes to remember we are still 1500 points frm where we started

Take the facts and the pain in your stride or you would be killed ...The
world knows the ratio of the suckers and the winners in stock markets !!!So be
cautious and alert with discipline!!!

I have started liking many stocks but if i come out with some recommendations now
then u might have be ready to see 5-10 % more downside in them in weaker times which is not always the right way !!!!
The people who dint exit as per our views ....and burnt their fingers will be paralysed
if they get stuck now !!!And a beaten guy tries to cover all in one go !!!!!!!!!

We maintain wait and let the dust settle ... You are the supreme guy coz now you are in cash
as per our stance ...So kings never play in the mud ....Let the grass come out ...We would
always play in a green field and enjoy the game without any bruises!!!!

The world is waiting for 12500 levels which may not come necessarily and if it comes it will
tank a little lower too or maybe rally before that....

But as always we are never interested in the last 100-300 points ( this advice has kept half
the people alive with an easy exit at 14700 ) ...Same way trying to catch at low or botoms WE are not interested !!!!...

Kings always buy ( take the battle field )when they want to and when they feel they are gonna conquer !!!!

Sector Talk ::::

Metal and steel stocks :

Somehow i am getting a feeling the steel sector is gonna be booming soon ...
the charts are telling me this ....So waiting for more confirmations or dips
to invest is the strategy ...

Picks : Jindal Stainless ( fav ) , Jsw Steel , Sail ,

Small cap : Pennar Steels ..long term ...

Sugars will soon give a good exit level for people stuck average bigger and sell of on even stevens...would be advisable



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