Intraday Updates

Transcript of the day of the yahoo messages sent to buddies

Guys add the earlier id has been de-activated by Yahoo..

noorrock2002 (9:58:26 AM): Buy RPL now at 72

BTST call was given at 71.6 ...Now again buy all at 72 !!!!!!!!! high for the day 75.05 still more to come ...

noorrock2002 (10:01:15 AM): renuka sugar above 390 will run

This was said at 387

noorrock2002 (10:09:54 AM): Short players be quick to cover remember this ...

noorrock2002 (10:22:58 AM): Keep an eye on renuka sugars can zoom

noorrock2002 (10:23:34 AM): Shorting is a risk today

noorrock2002 (10:29:01 AM): RPL book 30% profit from yest btst ...If uhave patience keep holding

noorrock2002 (10:30:07 AM): RNRL for 1 re gain

Given at 22.6


noorrock2002 (10:44:38 AM): Jsw Steel for patient FNo players

gave 10 rs intraday

noorrock2002 (10:46:49 AM): RNRL good volumes in the morning call given at 22.6 ...looks good for 25-28

noorrock2002 (10:52:24 AM): Kotak Mahindra Bank...Looks good for 460+

said at 450 ,, client call a day back at 440 high

noorrock2002 (11:01:34 AM): EKC above 880 will hit circuit

dint break 880

noorrock2002 (11:04:11 AM): RNRL 23.70 enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

1 re gain completed which is actually 4-5% in a day that too in a high volume stock

noorrock2002 (11:11:02 AM): renuka sugars 398 sell part

looks good for more

noorrock2002 (11:33:06 AM): ICRA listing so ifci , idbi shud gain from it

noorrock2002 (11:41:47 AM): RPL 74 enjoyyyyyyyy

noorrock2002 (11:44:31 AM): Dr reddy above 694 can touch 710+

noorrock2002 (11:46:36 AM): Told in the morning short is riskyyyyyyyy

markets were up with premium

noorrock2002 (11:47:49 AM): Book profits in rpl if u have patience be ready to re enter if it declines

noorrock2002 (11:56:05 AM): Tata Elexsi looking gooooooooood

call given on blog 2 days back ... hit 298

noorrock2002 (12:17:33 PM): Tata Elexsi

noorrock2002 (12:24:10 PM): Nifty premiummmmmmmmm

noorrock2002 (12:31:45 PM): Tata Elexsi keep holdin

noorrock2002 (12:32:38 PM): DR reddy keep an eye on volumes

noorrock2002 (12:50:49 PM): RPL ............74.60 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yesterday call at 71.6 get me any othe rguy who hjas recommended this before us!!!!!!!!!Technical Analysis rocks ...

noorrock2002 (12:51:47 PM): See kotak crossing 460

noorrock2002 (12:54:07 PM): RNRL willfollow suit

noorrock2002 (12:57:13 PM): NTPC buy lots enjoy ...Keep for a week

noorrock2002 (1:00:31 PM): NTPC if crosses 147 u wont get it



9819225396 ( Send in a mail to know about the session in Bangalore , All guys near Bangalore would love to meet ye )

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