Stocks Update

Control Print looks good if it sustains above 75 levels of 20-25%% in medium term,...

FNO BLOG UPDATED ( these stocks can also be traded in cash so have a look )

Stocks to watchout for :

IT and Media stocks look good ...Accumulate Ramco systems for long term ...Jagran good only..

Hcl Tech on verge of breakout , Wipro breakout done... Infosys Breakout done mid , small , large every IT stock we like and will keep liking for few years...

OIL DRILLING ( stocks ) ROCK :

See our article on the funda side 26 th dec ...Now see the stocks running yet a lot more to it all multibaggers in coming months and years to come ....

Seamec was on 10% for last 2 days , alpha geo , aban ,shiv vani see the price on article date and now this is just the start

circuit stocks :

Seasons furnishings (risky )...

Crew bos for day traders..

Artson and Conart engineering for risky swing traders ....

Add me on yahoo for intra day alerts (if any ) and to know more ...




( call me btwn 4-9 .... except 6.45 -7.20 for queries n services...)

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