Stocks to lookout for :


stocks updated mrpl , tvs , grasim , india cement , and more ...

Many stocks do look good right now but we dont want to confuse you much, but all the recommended working , we try cut down everyday but its difficult ... ...

I think i should put my account details many people have made money and big time ...???

Circuit hitters review :

Cinevistaas gave 20%++ , Superhouse if somebody did buy hold plzzzz

Sundaram multipap exit on rise …. ,

Circuit hitters : ( Plzz buy it close to yesterdays close only not on circuit or close to it if u cant take the high risk)

1) Andrew Yule ( cmp 25.30 ) it seems sure circuit to me !!

Buy below 26 only and sell at circuit … hold only if u wanna take a risk daytrading call…

2) BILPOWER ( cmp 172.05 )

If possible buy it below 176 for a target of circuit and but rather hold for a few continous circuits possible here….

FNO daytrade in Sterlite and Punj Lloyd .....

Delivery picks :

1) Astra Micro once above 175 expect 200-220 !!!... chart made will be posted soon

2) Celebrity Fashions buy keeping a stoploss of 107 on closing basis for a target of 135+++…

SEAMEC our oil drilling favourite is all set to rock the streets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) Hold our previous picks we still like them :

Investment Stock :

Atlas Copco ..

Just buy this stock and please dont check quotes will give you returns slowly and steadily ...
Krbl book part profits at 190 given at 155 ..

Cambridge plz hold

Cmc , jagran , kalyani steels , visesh info will move soon …

Voltamp made a mistake dint specify 730-733 crossover necessary but if u have bought don’t worry .. it will run…

Bilt , sci we maintain hold soon higher levels … Orchid chemicals close our call … arvind mills too …

Grasim and india cement buy lots and lots now and also on declines for this week .!!!!!!



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