Stocks to watchout for

Salora intl and Clutch auto below

LINK ::::: DOWNLOAD FROM HERE>>> Presentation on technical recommendations given by us..

It has become difficult to put up charts regularly but yes i m giving in good stocks with levels so keep tracking this is one of the stocks i like,,,

Clutch auto an investment pick and trading pick above 150 for quick target of 175 and for long term no worries

Salora intl pure technical trading pick for a week or 4-5 sessions if it runs book profits even if it doesnt then book loss but pure trading pick!!!

Buy at 99 -101 sl 95 tgt 108 ,117 ++

Intra day traders pick Pyramid saimira and indo asian fuse gears , buy for quick bucks in morning sessions ....

Visualsoft and megasoft looking good , visual our reco continue for huge targets ...

Circuit hitters for few days

1) Syschem india cmp 1.94 5 circuits out here of 5% ...RISKY SO DONT TRADE JUST FOR REFERENCE

2) SKM egg products if avaialble buy to sell at circuit...

Short term Investment picks :

Mcleod Russel and Pitti Lamination
Our investment pick ITD cementation tgt reveised to 900-1000

Many stocks will be given but its entirely your decision for which to go for ....




(feel free to call me btwn 4-9 .... for queries n services...)

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