Stocks to watch and Sensex

The markets as seen were very volatile as expected...

As said before suport is placed at 14020 and 13950 which is stoploss for extreme short term traders ,we need to stay above this levels ...If we reverse from here which seems most probable scenario from here ...We ideally need some distribution of stocks at higher levels or say it positively supply for fiis to eat!!!!...

Simply put traders will be cut on both sides in the nifty ...!!! so take care !!!!!!

The very contrarian view from here if we jump 100-200 points from here expect 14500 by end of week !!!! possible !!!! but cautious as it doesnot imply buying ......Stock specific movements will continue , so u can still be long in particular ones !!!!!!!!!!!!

Stocks which can be traded ...Quick trading and cutting your small losses is the need of the hour..!!!!STOPLOSSES ....PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE....

Circuit hitters or swing trading..!!! small stops!!!!

1) Adani enterprise can shoot so keep a check ...gem of a co...

2) Nile Ltd ... play small very volatile moves in the stock can give 10-15% upside tomorrow..

Also Surya ROshni recommended some days back hit 10%% yest can hit one more or 3-4 rs in morningtrade...

3) Gitanjali Gems pure intraday call buy at 234-238 stoploss 232 target 244 and 249 can do circuit also ....

There are some stocks like apollo tyres , rolta , allsec , jagran , kalyani , cambridge , etc which remain our portfolio picks which can be added in declines also some investment stocks given 2-3 weeks back may come into reckoning go find them!!!!!!

Happy Trading




( call me btwn 4-9 .... except 6.45 -7.20 for queries n services...)

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