Stocks Review

As said reversal expected i still feel reversal from here lets c whether we are able to break the
top channel ...till then we remain sideways and stock specific immediate support 14020

Solectron centum hits 5%

Stocks to lookout for :

ALPHAGEO ... Buy some and be ready to add at lower levels !!! something like 200 now and 200 later in small qty at every dip ...Go findout the fundas ...!!! i love oil drilling!!!

Also other stocks like Seamec and garware offshore look good ...

Day Trading picks ( Keep strict stoplosses and cut off in the day )

1) Dewan Housing tgt 89-92

2) Areva T & D

3) Alpha Geo can hit upper circuit 10%% !!!!!! IF it hits one eexpect non stop !!!!

Stocks to watch satnam above 77 take del

Investment picks

Steel Strp wheel 513262

Madhav Marbles chart given below looks hotttttttttttttt




(feel free to call me btwn 4-9 .... for queries n services...)

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