Stocks and sesensex

The markets have still not shown any bearish indications so no worries as of yet ...As i had shown before resistances on sensex on upper side ...

Sensex has short term support at 13900 and 13700 so we should see a reversal tomorrow in many stocks

The advise as of now is stay away from junk and pennies and stay with funda stocks only ... I am technical guy i may tend to advise junk but be quick and carefull ...

Always risk to return has to be seen !!!! STOPLOSSES the most important

stocks to watchout:

APOLLO TYRES OUR all time favourite had recommended it some weeks back as buy n forget stock alongwith CMC ...

This is one stock which is on verge of monthly breakout keep adding on declines for next 1-3 mths good targets possible!!!

Check the chart given in archives go find it....!!!

Adventurous stocks

1) Futua polyesters check out fundas is it good? ...rumours also n technically good

2) Surya Roshni and P I drugs day traders quick traders enjoy

I expect a reversal tomorrow and a good one from 13900 levels if we hit that !!!

Tea Stocks showing good signs !!! TAta tea , MCleod russel and Jayashree tea

Cements looking cheap now good for investors alas they get a chance !!! india cements at 210 and grasim at 2750 is a gr8 bargain !!!!




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