Big Talks !!!! Bol Bacchan !!!!


The world went gaga to buy sugars at every dip hearing this from 330 on bajaj hindusthan and 110 on balrampur now at 170 and 68 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Half of you or your known i would say even MFs Hnis every1 is stuck ......

We were the only ones to shout we are not interested in sugars we have better investment options!!!!!!!..

The strategy is simple !!!!

You dont buy a stock coz its cheaper to what it was some months back but only when you feel it can appreciate from here !!!!!!

All the people who invested in sugars said ISSE kya neeche jaayega ,,, how much more can it fall !!!!! if that is your strategy then god bless u !!!!!

And we still maintain the correction may be about to get over or some more like i would love bajaj hindusthan at 130 and balrampur at 55 !!!!!!!!

Or other wise we would love to see trend reversing but which is no where in sight !!!!


The whole of the world said buy tisco but we maintained a stoic silence on the stock !!!! Last time somebody asked me i have tisco at 520 levels shud i hold i said yes but if it goes above your price then only will it be good coz resistance at 515-523 levels for tisco !!!!!

Now fundamentally every tom dick was saying at 540 buying corus is the best tisco is the best it can do!!! we do say but long term it is short term why shud it be good after getting into debts!!!

But history says in all such huge acquisitions the acquirer buys it high and stock prices react to quite lower levels and the co on sale benefits the most !!!

Simple Analogy I ( Shareholder ) give you 10 lakhs coz i know you deserve this ( Tisco shareds value )

On the strength of this value you go around the world and end up asking for more say 15-20 lakhs ( Money for acquisition high price ) ......

Isnt it pity obvious I would feel some jitters down my spine !!!! wont i be trying to get a little safer ( Sell some or no buying support ) !!!!

But in the long run this should work !!!!!! So Tisco is good but wont a new lender ( sharheolder ) like it a little lower !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parsvanath and Sobha Developers :

The whole world big broking firms are stuck in this stock so they need to be put out of it !!! That is the reason you are seeing the dip ... The weak hands need to be removed !!!!

Fundamentals may be strong but time is not that great to buy them !!! So investors wait for more dip or big reversal ...

Confidence of investor is good at lower levels or if it sees performance so wait out!!!!!

Lemme know what you all feel about my such views !!!! if you want them we can post such articles frequently!!!!



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