The view remains the same targets achieved sell the stocks bought in banking and other places .. Stay lighter on ur holdings wait for the time and panic to catch in ... never run for a stock catch it b4 others do or wait for it...

From 12800 to 13500 was the move we wanted we got it .. Now why buy when eveyr1 says ...

As i always say i like to buy at my levels and sell at my levels ... Pick it b4 others do..

Stock specific action will continue as i always say that is the case and will remain so..

Pharma stocks witnessing good buying for last few days ...

One can buy puts again those who dint do when i had written at 14000 levels see them now .. Now again i say hedge or play spreads in put n traders buy puts when nifty stays above 3930 to 3960 on the ticker...

PRevious stocks :

ITD cementation looks good for investment , Subhash projects hits 2 circuits..
Gitanajali still good buy on dips,... Our earlier pick dena bank rocking ...

stocks for now ..

1) ING Vysya ... will it run frm here

2) Nicholas Piramal above 250 only ... tgt 280 -310 .... remember aurobindo same run here...

3) Spanco tele on close above 192 ,,, add on dips ..

4) Mahindra Ugine ( MUSCO ) above 127 only ... take del on break

circuit hitters for lion hearted traders...

1) Caprihans

2) JK chemicals

Best Regards ,



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