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The sensex has broken major trendlines as seen chart below... till we dont get back in the channel expect more correction ... below 12800 expect arnd 12000 in no time... Also current pullback support at 13150..

We have been consistent at picking up the levels to buy n sell and predicting the gyrations ... But always take ur call ...

The weekly pattern is a bad sign as per candlesticks so plz stay light ... Lookout for undeserving falls in stocks to capitalize...

Stocks to watch ..

1) Visualsoft above 73 and kpit cummins above 610 intra day or very short term

2) infosys below 2120 tgt 2050 -- , Patni above 413

circuti hitters ..

1) ( 500246 ) envair electronics

2) aban Lloyd if sutains 1200

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