Review of intraday calls

Intraday calls
1) Ucal fuel hit 124 1st tgt gain of 10 rs ... closed up 4%
2) Zuari agro hit UPPER Freeze intraday 10% exact 2nd tgt 192 ..
closed up 6% gain of gain of 16 rs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3) HLL dint move only so no trade
4) Astra micro not much movement loss of 2 rs ...
It seems people are not allowing my friends to accumulate my investment
stock ... RAMCO SYSTEM up 8% in the day ... well its actually just that i kinda
try to put them when charts are about to take a u turn...
I was the first one to recommend at 105-110 levels to accumulate this stock .,...
People were getting a litlle uneasy coz of its sluggishness .. But patience pays up 12% today hit 134 !!!!!!!!!!!!
Some more steam left
The stock was on my blog just 2-3 days back as one more of my pharma picks ,... up 12% today ....

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