REVIEW of TECH picks

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There are a lot of stocks to write about these are a few i hav updated with charts ..

Rayban written buy arnd 87 sl 85 low 85.05 hit 95 next day
looks good for more...

Emkay share frm 73 to 89 in 4 days virgin stock find me neone who gave this...

Gsfc repeated a day b4 it starts runnin hits 205 in 3 days .. more left

Sun Tv frm 1250-1275 to 1440 in just 6 trading sessions
in fno how much more can u mint..

Advani hotels up frm 110 to 190 ..

click here to go to nooreshtech charts..

RNRL up 10% next day

Reliance energy upto 530 what more u want in fno ..

Geodesic frm 172 to 205 n more on cards see it hits 220 levels..

n more stocks to come ...

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