Nifty .. breather …

Well its been long i have written my view on da sensex or da nifty .. coz i m no where near

to the stock quotes in da day ..

And i believe if u have to comment on something u got to be close to it to get impulses and vibes ..

So i never do comment on short nifty or sensex movements now .

But if people do remember i warned every1 of 9600 and 8900 at 11500 -11800 levels..

Currently what i see is a correctional dip in near term .. maybe another 200 points on sensex on upside is max .. well markets do love to kill plungers..

People can check da channel shown ...

But i am sorry to say bears i still dont see any huge May type movements ..

I would have loved to recommend stocks for shorting and say i am good at bear movements too ..

But i as a trader or analyst m bullish on sensex for long as evry1 who is reading my views know it the view remains da same bull wave to start arnd sept to jan n mit be beyon thots..

Well there have to be corrections ..

I as a trader would love to short stock which is gonna be dead.. but never as a plunger do i look for tops .. i.e for bulls sell at tops..

So when i see a fresh downtrend in anay stocks will put it up ..

Rit now lookout for a quick buck shorting and covering in da day mind u , in grasim below 2650 , Abb below 3380 , IPCl below 280 ...

Actually personally i m looking towards a dip so that i can add into my long term portfolio ,, i like
Also all the earlier recommended stocks continue to be good coz stock specific bullish moves will continue ... corrections are meant to reneter and add not to sell for..

it cheap like all do..
Soon i will come up with a stock list to lookout at lower levels..

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