Midcaps n small caps to shine

The market seems to be gettin into exuberance now..

This directly implies that midcaps n small caps wil keep overperforming for a few days ...

Also on charts so many of the midcaps n small caps on verge of fresh bullish breakouts the list is getting longer ..

everyday i go thru charts i.e all those listed on BSE...

come up wid a list of intrrstin ones... then the shortlisted ones get posted ...

the intrstin list is gettin longer evryday .. wen this list consists of pennies then maybe bulls will hav to rest.. for a while..

till then i dont see any gr8 negative signs..

So do quick trades ...

Some other stocks to lookout for..
breaks n volumes in these can lead to spurt ..

pick ur pick..

1) Apollo Tyres ...

gr8 stock only tyre stock left untouched ..

2) can fin homes ( my portfolio safe pick for long term ..)

can shoot soon..

3) Gitanjali gems ..

4) Natco Pharma

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