Caution For All Undrstnd wat is good n wat is not….

When evry Tom Dick n Harry starts runnning on the bourses pull up ur sleeves

get to groundwork check what u r buying ...

Coz when markets are in a good mood many things wud loook attractive especially junk

which u ll hav to chase .. and end up being the last buyers ..

So either be Quick in junk or stay out of it ..

Lookout for good stocks fundamentally and technically also ...

Its not the markets are weak but weeds remain weeds even if the keep growing in a

flower garden .. u got to pull them out.

The Pharma and fmcg Indices looking good to me so might be ..

We would see a good pullback in ranbaxy , cipla ..

Lookout for call options of orchid chemicals of next month ..

Small investment big gain if it breaks out also overcoorected bound to bounce netime ...

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