Advani hotels the coffee boils out… n review of recos

Advani hotels hit a high of 160 and was locked on circuit yesterday ..

The stock was recommended at 110 some days back on da blog check outttttt...

Also ifci was recommended as a risky play wid banswara syntex which still can shoot up..

ifci hit arn 14 rs was recommended below 10 i suppose ...

prithvi info on break above 325 hit 360 + levels in no time..

geodesic info hit 203 was recommended on break above 172 n stil good...

earlier i had written abt govind rubber at 38 level it hit 46 n now at 42 still good for long term ...marc faber story..

there were many other stocks which were in good formations but are not sustaining above the breakout lvels so still keep a watch for breakous...

dabur did give a break n spurted to 149.90 above 145 is now settling ..

itc mtnl n others still in offing above the levels ... dats y written will it wont it n rally effect ..

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