17 th may fall all over the world not only india

hey if u check this chart the fall on 17 th may nearly kissed
the 61.8 % correction level and bouced back and similar has been the case for all major falls since 1979 on the sensex. also if u check that all markets around the world were down badly and they did not have elections.

also if u can take the pains to read about fibonacci ratios and analysis u will now
why am i saying so and have won technical paper contest on the same topic so i have done a lot of analysis on the fibonacci series just do it its interesting even da vinci cod e has 2 pages on it

also elliot wave analysis has it basis in fibonacci ratios. Well u may feel taht its a coincidence but how many times i have seen 2 -3 big previous falls on the sensex and bounce bakk frm 61.8% level so coincidence cant be again and again

link for kaktiya blog https://noorrock2002.blogspot.com/

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