Webinar – Find Big Trending Moves Using Moving Average Convergence 15th May 2022


Find Big Trending Moves Using Moving Average Convergence

Date: 15th May 2022

Time: 11am to 1pm

Fees: Rs500/-

Click below to register: https://rigi.club/webinar/dhN4eoIp5b

You will get a unique registration link in 2 hours from subscription as well as an hour before the webinar begins!

This is a topic very close to my heart and the work we do and is only shared in our training programs. It is simple to understand but requires patience to wait for the big trending moves and ride them big.

The stoplosses are small but upside opportunity huge when these formations happen in stocks/indices. Hit ratio of success pretty high but does not happen as often.




  • Nifty has now gone into a sideways to downward correction over the last many months. The Topic which we look at in this webinar focuses on what next after this ?
  • Moving Average Convergences setups have given some of the biggest trend change indications before the uptrend started in 2005/2012/2014/2017 and downtrends in 2008/2011/2015
  • We may be at a similar situation in coming weeks/months. A Big trending move is on cards.
  • The Webinar will have examples from Indices, Stocks, Commodities etc focusing on how to be ready for big trending moves in advance and ride it Big!!



Moving Averages Webinar

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