Global Indices nearing 52 week highs–Dow Jones, S&P 500 , FTSE 100 , DAX, Nasdaq 100, Taiwan.

The Global Market Recovery in last few days post the Fed news has been really strong. Emerging Markets has seen a relatively meek recovery and can now catch up.


Just adding all the charts here for a quick look.


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S&p 500 – The most interesting one. 6 attempts in last 2 months.


Snp 500 now


Dow Jones – Again looking to breakout.


Dow Jones Breakout


Shanghai Composite – Trying a 5-7 year high.


Shanghai Now


Nikkei – Slow Recovery but holding on to recent lows.

Nikkei Now


Taiwan – Semiconductor in a different world.


Taiwan now


DAX – Still away.

Dax now


Nasdaq 100 – Back up again quickly.


Nasdaq again


FTSE 100 – New 52 week highs.

FTSE 100

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