FAQs on Analyse India Big Value 3.0

We recently launched the 3rd version of Analyse India Big Value product after a decent performance in Big Value 1.0 and Big Value 2.0.

There were a few common questions by interested people. Trying to answer a few.

Do read the first post on this - https://nooreshtech.co.in/2015/10/analyse-india-big-value-3-0.html 

1) What is the duration of Analyse India Big Value 3.0 ?

The period of buying stocks is 6-12 months and duration of service is around 18 months but the updates continue till we do not book out of recommended stocks. For example Big Value 2.0 was launched on 16th May 2014 and its already 18 months and we will continue the updates for that portfolio for another 6 months. In simpler terms its a service which needs to be renewed in 18 months and updates for 24 months.

2) Why has the product cost increased ?

Big Value 2.0 was priced at 18000 and Big Value 3.0 is priced at 24000. The reasons are

  • Its all inclusive of taxes ( that continue to rise ).
  • Inflation 🙂

3) Why is it not priced cheaper ?

Even if you intend to allocate 6-8 lakhs in a minimum case and with a time frame of roughly 18-24 months. it comes out to 1.5% a year. For higher amounts the cost reduces further. But paying a fee for advisory is considered an expense. If i tell someone to buy a 10 rs stock which can be a multibegger or a call option which can go 5 times in a month you may easily put 25000 rs to work 🙂 and lose it all without even thinking. But when it comes down to pay advisory fee it suddenly seems expensive.

A simpler approach is to cut prices by 50% and number of members can double but we cannot do that as we focus on smallcaps/midcaps and we need to limit the number of members else we will have to change the investment style towards more liquid midcaps/large caps. We intend to have only 100-125 members like before.

4) Why a diversified portfolio ?

There can be a long debate on why a concentrated portfolio is better or why a diversified portfolio is better.

But lets keep it simple. As an investor you would be allocating your portfolio on our advise and that is borrowed conviction which is tough to ride on with a concentrated portfolio. Also in our investment style we focus on a lot of turnarounds , changing governance cos, next generation companies and a lot of deep value companies where we can not put 15-20% allocation to a single stock.

Also a 2% allocation going up by 3x is equivalent to is equal to a 40% return on a 10% allocation. We would like to be part of both styles. Hence a diversified portfolio of 25-40 stocks. Also such a strategy allows us to latch on short term opportunities when markets correct a lot of or in momentum times. ( check big value 1 and 2 trades and you would know )

5) What will be the mode of communication

All the recommendations will be sent via e-mail and whatsapp. Also we will be sending the updated excel sheet of recommended stocks every month. Apart from this we are working towards a members area login for Big Value members on the website as well as Android / iOS app where one can go through all the past reports. ( By January this should be done ) . We will be sending a 1-2 pager on core recommended stocks which will be a mix of fundamental and technical reasons with more focus on fundamentals. At times there will just be a buy reco when a detailed note cannot be made.

6) What is the target audience for the Product ?

Analyse India Big Value 3.0 is an investment product where we buy stocks with long term view. For short term and medium term we do have Quickgains and Technical Traders Club. I would suggest even traders to go for this product where you can invest your gains on a systematic basis to create a good long term portfolio for wealth creation. The motive of the product is to make investors increase allocation to equities and it can be done over the next 1 year. I do believe currently its a good time given that markets have not done much for the last 1 year.  Unless you want to be like the normal retail investor who tends to come in euphoric times now is the time to act and increase equity allocation over next 1 year systematically ( would strongly suggest that even if you do not want to go for our product, but do increase equity as a good part of your networth )

7) What is the last date to subscribe ?

The last date to subscribe is 12th December. We can close the subscription before that if we reach 125 members also. We will not be taking any new subscriptions post the last date. The first recommendation starts from December 1st week.



For any queries you can call Ankit 9899899989 or Nooresh 9819225396


  1. Raj
    December 1, 2015

    are you offering any discounts at this moment??

    1. Nooresh
      December 4, 2015

      discounts for only existing clients

  2. Chetan
    January 14, 2016

    Pass on the discounts to new clients this time :o)



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