Webinar Recording-Trading Technically and Market View .

Today morning we did a Webinar - Trading Technically and Market View. Hope to do more such webinars in the series - Trading Technically.


One can download the Webinar Recording from the link below.


Webinar Recording – Trading Technically and Market View.





( Its a social pay download where you need to either tweet or facebook it to get the download the link)


If you have a problem  tweeting about it or sharing it then you can view the recording on this link – View Webinar Recording


We need your details so we can share with you the presentations used in the Webinar. ( Will send it in a different e-mail on Monday )


Disclosure – Please do read the disclaimer and the above webinar is purely for educational or timepass purpose. Do your own risk management.

I have vested interests in all stocks, index discussed and hence the bias. My biased views and opinions does gel with my trading strategy/risk management and may not necessarily work for you so do your own research and risk management.


Do send us your criticism /feedback on nooreshtech@analyseindia.com so can improve in the next webinars.


For all the people in Delhi –


The Investing Lab-Bridging Theory and Practice–Training Program Delhi 30-31st May 2015 !!

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